Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cantonese for new parents

Do you speak just a little Cantonese?  Enough to get by, sometimes, maybe?  Mine is probably at about first-grade level, and a kindergarten reading level.  I'd love for my daughter to learn to speak Cantonese as well, so she can talk to her great-grandparents.  But there are so many words I don't know, especially when it comes to parenting!

So here are some of the words I'm having to teach myself.  Please feel free to correct my translations! I'm making a lot of use of CantoDict, and when I can't find what I want there, I look at other resources for Chinese translations and try to convert them to Cantonese.  The pronunciations are transcribed in Jyutping.

Nappy change

Play time
Bath time
Personal care

Out and about
In the street
At the shops
In the park
At the zoo
In the garden
At the pool
At the library

Around the house
In the kitchen
Laundry time
House cleaning
Looking out the windows